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Nationals, part 2

July 10th, 2008 (12:14 pm)

So, on the 7th  I got to Boston around 11 and got ready with my friends <3

We did Black River, came off very happy.. 

Then it was FINALLY time for awards, and Dance Off announcements !

Into the Mystic, Unwritten, Black Parade AND Black River all made it into the dance off. After all those years of sitting and not even hoping to get into the dance off because we knew we didnt have a shot and taking a break from even going to nationals we finally reached our goal... 

I came back on the 8th, soo excited to dance... rehearsed Into the Mystic one last time.. and then Jules just HAD to talk to us.. She went on and on about how much she loved us and thanking us for getting her company started and how happy she was to have reached so many goals with us.. well of course me being the baby i cried.. then katie, then steph, then kels, then kayla, and court... it was like reality just punched me right in the face and i knew id never be going through any of this ever again. because IM GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!

but anyway, we danced, had lunch, did black parade, black river, and unwritten.. I come off from my last dance and my best friend is crying, freaking out... because "IT FELT SO GOOD"

It was an amazing experience, even if it was the last time ill ever be on stage with the people ive grown up performing with. Its bittersweet. In my heart I've never been more sad. Never once in the past 18 years have I thought this day would actually come, I was gunna be a Shannon O'Brien Company Dancer until I died. But its life and I have to grow up. I've ended one long chapter in my life and I cant wait to start a new one in Disney, and I know that in my heart I'll ALWAYS be a Shannon O'Brien Dancer.. 

Now back to the rest of my day

So Katie and I change out of our costumes, take off the stage makeup and go see our moms, Katie cries again then her mom and my mom and I cant help it. Shannon comes over and says all of you need to stop crying I cant be sad right now. We calm down, and me being the brilliant one I say "mom have you talked to Karen" and she tells me that my uncle died while I was dancing, which starts ANOTHER cry fest. Thank God I have my friends, they decided we'd go out to lunch and get my mind off things before we get all dressed up for the video awards banquet.

The banquet is amazing, if youre in the top 5 of your category they play parts of your dance on a big screen. so we wait.. They finally ge to small group.. everytime we see a white costume we jump a little until we realize its not us.. haha. Then large group.. nothing.. 
Then extended... "From Seekonk, Mass. Shannon O'Brien School of Dance, Black Parade" It was an AMAZING way to end the week.  =)

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July 6th, 2008 (10:19 pm)

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 Its been a longg week so far. 
  Got to Boston EARLYY on Wednesday, ready to dance. When we got there I found out we were holding Unwritten until the next day so after my sisters awards I went to the hotel to go in the hot tub and relax before the World Dance Championship Qualifications. It wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend the 3rd of July, I'm not gunna lie.  The 3rd of July is like Christmas in Pawtucket ;-) but instead I got to do my 3 favorite dances with my 5 favorite people...  
Is your Senior Dance Team.. Representing the United States in the World Dance Championships !  Even though I can't go compete because I'll be in DISNEY but I'm excited for my friends and my baby sister.  =)

on the 4th of July I was sooo sick, I got outta bed and walked over to teh competition and couldnt find the solo stage so I missed Alyssa ! I wasnt thrilled about that, so I went back to bed until... 1230.. got up, decided to be lazy and lay there until I had no choice but to get ready to dance.  Did Unwritten, got an Ultimate Gold and a Special award, then did Black Parade and got the same, and did Move and got a High Silver which was expected.  after awards a bunch of us went to dinner =) and then I came home to sleep in my own bed..

On the 5th, I got up SUPERRRRRR early again to drive back to Boston, got there before the girls so I did my hair and makeup alone.. but I eventually caught up with them and got ready to do Queen Bee.. got a Gold. and then we did Into the Mystic and got an Ultimate Gold and a Special award for dancing with passion =)... The 6 of us were hanging out in the dressing room when our teacher came in and told us that the guy that organizes the US Team for the World Championships liked us so much that he wanted us to compete in the modern portion even though we didnt audition for it =) very exciting !!!
     So we celebrated with our teachers at the Cheesecake Factory. Then took a ballet class.  Went back to the hotel, had fun, had dinner and hot tub time with Julie. 

I came home this morning to hang out at home and relax, tomorrow we do one more dance and find out who is in the dance off.. and then we'll see the dancer of the year competition  =) but for now im going to lay down.. goodnight all

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June 4th, 2008 (03:27 pm)

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Okay so the enormity of today's class just hit me. For over 10 years I have taught you every saturday 11:00-12:30... I am sad, nostalgic, happy, proud... I was in high school when we started this journey! Thank you so much for growing up with me. I love you all. Now it's time for sporadic rehearsals and weird concert dance! Evolution Movement Co.


So for the first time in.. forever I go on myspace and thats what I found.. I guess I've just been ignoring the fact that I'm really not going to be part of SOSD Company Dancers anymore. I've spent hours and hours a week for the past 18 years with Shannon and Julie and its quickly coming to an end.. all because of Disney. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic about doing the program, but lately I just don't know if I'm truly ready to leave SOSD. For 12 years I've spent my Monday nights at the studio and the other night I went in to drop something off during what used to be my class and it felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks. Most of my friends learning new choreography for next year. I felt like I was missing out. I mean for the next month I'll still have rehearsals for nationals but after that.. theres nothing left.

I knew the day was coming.. and when it finally came I didnt want to think about it, and I couldnt figure out why I was so miserable.. until I saw Julies bulliten.. I guess I just need someone to tell me that I'm doing the right thing by leaving.. I know I'm not the only one thats leaving  something behind, I'm not even the only one leaving THIS behind.  but like Katie, I don't ever want to walk through those doors and have people be excited to see me.. and I know that inevitably its going to happen..how can I leave for 5 months and expect it not to happen.. 

wow this is depressing.. sorry, I just had to get it out.. 

But like they say.. "as always I am proud to be a Shannon O'Brien Dancer"

hmm If it wasn't for Shannon and Julie I never would have known about the program.. or had the confidence to audition. so at least theres one good thing =) 

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(no subject)

May 26th, 2008 (09:40 pm)

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wow. i suck at updating, no?

I guess its okay because not much disney stuff has been happening.. Last week was a busy week with dance competition and work and all that jazz.. =) can't really complain.. 

Tonight, I officially got my roommate ! Amanda and I decided to do the notification and now we're stuck with eachother ! =) I'm soooo excited ! and she lives about an hour away so we're going to meet up sometime soon  !

That's all my disney news for now, unfortunately. So I'm gunna try to finish this book Devin let me borrow like 9795984 years ago !  Have a good night =) 

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(no subject)

May 16th, 2008 (03:07 pm)

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 Lately, I've been having this problem where all I can think about is being in Disney.. It's crazy. It's driving me crazy ! There has been so much going on lately with school ending and all I think about, or want to talk about is being in Disney and how amazing this experience is going to be.. 

Maybe the excitement is a good thing, it kind of keeps me from thinking about all the things I'm leaving behind, and all the things I have to give up that I thought I never ever would..  like being a SOSD Company Dancer, or Evolution Movement Company, or my full scholarship to college.. 

and of course, having ADD I got up from the computer and completely forgot where I was going with that... 
I think going out with Dev and Alyssa distracted me ;-) 

Time to get some sleep, gunna be a long weekend =)

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(no subject)

May 13th, 2008 (02:58 pm)

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I stole this from Dee ! I just figured it'd be a good way to let everyone get to know a little bit more about me =)

1. Name:  Brittany
2. Your nick names: Britt, Brattany
3. Current location: my roommm
4. Date of birth: 4/10/88
5. Zodiac sign: Aries
6. Male or female: Female
7. Age: 20
8. School: RIC.. or IRC if youre dyslexic.. haha
9. Occupation: Student, Waitress, Caregiver, Dancer, Dance Teacher...
10. Residence: Pawtucket !

Your Appearance

11. Your height: 5'2"
12. Hair color: brown with hot pink..
13. Hair long or short: not short, but not long enough
14. Eye color: green
15. How do your nails look: theyre black =)
16. What are you wearing: RIC sweatpants, Aero tank and Springfield College sweatshirt
17. Do you have a crush on someone: yesh ;-)
18. Do you like yourself: 99% of the time =)
19. Is your hair up or down: up, messy
20. Think you're attractive: im alright haha
21. Piercings: 11 ! 6 in one ear, 5 in the other
22. Tattoo: i want one !
23. Righty or lefty: Right-handed LEFT SIDED..

Your 'Firsts'

24. First rollercoaster: Rocky Point with Shannon, Glen and Katie
25. First cell phone: old school Nokia haa
26. First best friend:Katelynn Rei, and she's still my best friend after 19 years !
27. First boyfriend: hahaha corey
28. First sport you joined: baseball
29. First pet: sammy and ping my kitties
30. First vacation: not sure
31. First concert: Backstreet Boys32. First love (not lust): yet again. n/a


33. Movie: Center Stage
34. TV show: Will and Grace
36. Band: still loveee those backstreet boys
37. Song: currently... why - avril lavigne
38. Food: salad
39. Book: anything by jodi piccoult
40. Candy: eh
41. Sport to play: softball
42. Favorite sport to watch: HOCKEY
43. Brand of clothing: aero
44. Stores: idk..
45. School subject: jazz
46. Animal: cats
47. Radio station: ahh idk
48. Magazines: idk


49. Eating: nothing
50. Drinking: coke
51. Talking to: no one
52. Online: yeah
53. Listening to: dad n kels talking
54. Thinking about: how immature people can be
55. Wanting: nothing im content
56. Watching: nothing
57. Wearing: ^

Your Future

58. Want kids: yes
59. Want to get married: yes
60. Careers in mind: dancer, disney
61. Where do you want to live: idk
62. What age do you want to get married: idk
63. When do you want to have kids: .. long time
64. What car will you drive: idk
65. Will you attend your high school reunion: yes
66. Hope to have pets: yrd

Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex?

67. Cute or sexy: mix
68. Lips or eyes: both, mainly eyes
69. Hugs or kisses: both
70. Short or tall: taller
71. Easygoing or serious: both
72. Romantic or spontaneous: both.
73. Fatty or thin: physically fit
74. Quiet or loud: in between
75. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
76. Sweet or caring: both.
77. Troublemaker or hesitant: neither

Have You Ever...

78. Kissed a stranger:  oops
79. Drank alcohol: yes
80. Smoked: never ever.
81. Ran away from home: when i was 15 for about 3 minutes
82. Done drugs: no.
83. Sworn at your parents: not AT them
84. Broke someones heart: no?
85. Loved someone: yes
86. Turned someone down: yes
87. Cried when someone died: yes
88. Eaten sushi: nooooo

Do You Believe In

89. God: undecided
90. Miracles: eh
91. Love at first sight: no.
92. Ghosts: no
93. Aliens: no
94. Soul Mates: i have 5 ! ;-)
95. Heaven: yes.
96. Hell: yes.
97: Reincarnation: no.
98. Kissing on the first date: yeah
99. Horoscopes: fun to read

Answer Truthfully

100. Is there someone you want but can't have: hmm kinda?

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